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Aug 24, 2020

Meet my financial advisor Buddy Thomas. I don’t make any big financial moves without him. And today, I asked Buddy to share some of his incredible wisdom on the IMPACT Show. The key topic we are talking about today is “wealth.” Not just money, but that’s a big part of the discussion. We are also talking about body, mind, spirit, and relational wealth as well.


Regardless of who you are, what you do, and where you are in life, this episode is packed with incredible wisdom, advice, and tips on how NOT to kill your family wealth.  

We will go deep on how you spend money, investments, purpose in life, taxes, bad advice, and avoiding distractions & burnout.  Heck, I even give away some of my top tips and secrets that the “Director of my family office” has coached me on and I share why having a “B.A.I.L.” team is essential to your wealth. So get ready to take notes and get ready to get “wealthy.”


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More on the episode:

:10  - It’s All About Wealth

4:42 - Where are Your Finances at Right Now? 

7:10 - The Blended Cocktail of Family Wealth

10:34 - The 6 Killers of Family Wealth

21:13 - How to Generate More Revenue

28:07 - Invest in yourself

29:40 - What’s in Your Buckets - Some of Todd’s Secrets

39:03  - Opportunities Exist in Today’s Market

43:17  - Deepen Your Purpose

47:33  - Overpaying Taxes

52:56 - Coordinate Your B.A.I.L. Team

57:09  -  Real Talk on Burnout and Distractions

1:04:00 - Rapid Fire Questions for Buddy

1:06:32 - Financial Advice for Kids

1:08:56 - 80% of the Time the Husbands Die First!


Be sure to go back to Episode #28 “Million Dollar Mentor” and Episode #29 “Hell & Back” with my man Wayne Cotton for more financial wisdom!




About Buddy Thomas:

James F. Thomas, Jr. (Buddy) CFP, AEP 

President, Chief Planning Officer, Superior Planning


Buddy Thomas founded Superior Planning in 1982 to assist family leaders in protecting and growing their family wealth. Over the years, he has personally guided hundreds of families on their paths to realizing their vision and achieving their goals.


He is the creator of the Superplan, pioneering family wealth and relationship management system that presents all the information necessary for family leaders to make crucial decisions in one, up to date, easy to use format. 

As Chief Planning Officer of Superior Planning, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor, Buddy is responsible for the strategic planning and implementation progress of each client’s family, as well as the firm’s operations and business development efforts. 


Visit the website for more on Buddy and Superior Planning: and to get Buddy’s book “The Coming Widow Boom” visit




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