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Feb 18, 2021

Today we are going coast to coast, where I am interviewing two standout trainers & business partners, Joe Ardagna and Austin Brock of Slash Fitness (Del Ray Beach, FL). I met Joe and Austin 8 years ago at one of my 3.5 Day Mentorship programs here in San Diego, where they left a lasting impression on me. They have been part of my Platinum Mastermind ever since, and they have been creating massive IMPACT in their community for a long time, especially throughout the pandemic.


Today we are talking:

- Business and what has gotten Slash Fitness through this pandemic

- Thriving in a partnership as friends

- Austin and Joe give out some great advice for trainers & fit-pros today

- Why the Todd Durkin Mastermind has been so important to them

- Why “female voices” are essential in their business


It is a fun one today, and you will hear how Joe and Austin are creating the “fun factor” during the pandemic at Slash Fitness. If you enjoy today’s episode, please share it with your community and on your social media. Please be sure to tag Slash Fitness and me so we can reciprocate some love! 


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More on the episode:

:33 - Lasting impressions. How I met Joe Ardagna and Austin Brock.

2:20 - Thriving in a Partnership. Communication, structure and walk and talk meetings!

5:54 - Why Slash Fitness is the #1 gym in the Palm Beach area.

13:40 - Wisdom and Advice for trainers & fit-pros today.

19:43 - The Inner Circle..8 years in the Todd Durkin Mastermind.

26:05 - Having a female voice in the business.

28:00 - Close.




About Slash Fitness:


On July 2, 2012, Joe Ardagna and Austin Brock turned their dreams and passions into reality when they opened Slash Fitness, a boutique-style semi-private and personal training studio. Originally from Boston, Joe Ardagna, 40, came to Fla. 16 years ago and joined the National Personal Training Institute, where he received honors and best motivator. Austin Brock, 36, from Hilton Head, SC, originally went to Florida State University for exercise science and physical therapy.


Ardagna and Brock met about ten years ago at a local gym and shortly after that began to share their thoughts as they both had different backgrounds in education but had one goal in mind. They saw where the fitness industry was headed, and that group fitness was on rise. Both of them share the common goal of helping people become the best versions of themselves safely and effectively. They felt the group fitness industry needed a strong emphasis on individual programming, but the participants needed to have the time of their life doing it!


With that, the two built what we now know as Slash Fitness. Their goal is to provide a safe and effective workout, regardless of age, weight, or body restrictions. Their workouts provide HIIT-style conditioning along with traditional dumbbell training, core, and flexibility training. Slash provides an incredibly motivating, fun, and positive environment with each workout.  


Slash Fitness has garnered clients, fans, and supporters to follow the Slash way of life. Their culture is one that uplifts and creates a healthier and more confident individual. Slash’s dedication to clients – and helping them reach inner and outer perfection, has allowed them to be voted the #1 Fitness Facility in Palm Beach and one of the most sought-after places to workout or train.  


More on Slash Fitness:




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