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Aug 30, 2021

I am so fired up to have one of my best friends, Trina Gray, on the show today, who just happens to be one of the most driven & successful entrepreneurs I know. She’s also one of the best parents, coaches, and life-transformers I know as well. Trina and I go way back to when she joined my Mastermind in 2007, and she has continued to flourish and serve in so many capacities. We share many commonalities, and today we are talking about parenting, life, lessons learned, and our love of coaching people to a higher level. 


My friends, today’s episode will inspire you to live your best life with harmony and joy. Listen in and hear Trina share her immense wisdom on:

- Lessons learned in running a health club for over 15 years but most importantly the last 1 ½ years during COVID-19.

- Thoughts on where the industry is heading over the next 1-3 years.

- The three stages of parenting… parents listen up!

- As a busy Mom, lessons learned on how to live her best life personally.

- How Trina is coaching & serving women to lead their best lives also.

- What brings Trina the most joy in her life these days.


I hope that you find great value and inspiration in today’s SHOW. Please share it with your community, family, and friends and have them subscribe to our podcast, that would be amazing. As always, thanks for what you do!


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Ep. 211 #ShowUpHard




2:00 - Meet Traina Gray, a repeater on the show radiating light into the universe.

Check out Trina’s first guest appearance on episode #14 - Grit, Grind, and Dreams


5:51 - Trina shares her top 3 lessons learned running a health club.

Be willing to make a decision, move quickly, and move forward. Communication has been a source of my success in my business with clients, members, and my team. If you need to make a change in your business, now is the time!


19:30 - How do you see the fitness industry in 1-3 years?
Integrate the online presence. Be more relevant with your clients and members. Fitness is an essential need. Give them value adds outside of the gym.


25:07-  The three stages of parenting.

Show your kids at an early age your work ethic, share your business and goals. Communication and the early teen years are huge, have conversations with your kids. High School kids make choices, allow them to make choices for themselves vs. pleasing their parents.


38:47 - Trina shares how she lives her best life as a busy mom and entrepreneur.

Move through struggles faster and feel all the feelings. Self care - give yourself permission to take it more seriously. Slow down and do fewer things that allow you to do things better.


51:21 - Trina shares what brings her most joy right now.

I had a vision of my life far before I ever had it. Seeing my health club open. Coaching other women to be the best versions of themselves


“Words of affirmation is the cup that fills me up”




About Trina Gray:


Trina Gray is a highly respected fitness entrepreneur and national presenter who inspires greatness in others. Audiences say that her enthusiasm is infectious, and her stories are real and relatable. She draws from a deep well of experience. She created two, million-dollar businesses from scratch – an award-winning health club in a small community and online fitness coaching team across the United States and Canada.


Trina was a rising journalist who dove headfirst into the fitness industry, using her communication skills and passion for fitness to ignite a crusade. At the young age of 29, she opened Bay Athletic Club, an award-winning, full-service health club and later Bay Urban Fitness, a vibrant training studio. She created the Corporate Fit Challenge, a workplace wellness program that overhauled her community and is now sold worldwide.


Trina packaged her expertise to help others grow a successful career in fitness. To do so, she co-founded Team Rockstar Fit, an online fitness coaching team and mastermind group across the U.S. and Canada. This team of independent Team Beachbody Coaches is made up of thousands of talented fitness professionals and enthusiasts who want to live fit and upgrade their own life while helping others. It is the best career imaginable.


She is not a wonder woman; she is a very focused and fun high performer. To achieve success, Trina has worked closely with top leaders in fitness and business, including one of America’s Top Trainer’s Todd Durkin. As a speaker, she has already shared the stage at two sold-out leadership events with best-selling author Brian Tracy and Success Magazine CEO Darren Hardy.

Coaching with Trina -




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