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Jun 29, 2020

Our health, fitness, and mindset have never been more important than right now. It’s imperative that our personal care, habits, routines, and exercise program is dialed-in so that we can fortify our bodies, minds, and souls.


In today’s episode, I'm sharing Why America Needs Gyms Now!!! I present 6 reasons why all studios, gyms, and clubs worldwide need to open up and start serving people MORE now than ever before. I also share in the episode some of the important guidelines and regulations to follow when opening up the gym with due respect that every studio/gym/club follows local mandates and guidelines. This will ensure they are as safe as going into any store, restaurant, or other places you may visit. Except gyms will actually GET you healthy, build your immunity, and GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!


The bottom line is this... gyms are the oxygen and lifeline to many people’s great health, vitality, energy, and community. The trainers, coaches, leaders, and owners are the fire-breathing dragons who are literally breathing life, positivity, and hope into a darkened time. NOW is NOT the time for gyms to be closed. NOW is the time for them to be OPEN, serve as lighthouses, and provide some much-needed LIGHT and inspiration into our world that so desperately needs it.


My hope is that you find something in this episode that will fire you up and get you, your clients/members, families, friends, and co-workers back in your local studio or gym this week. Show-up there and your LIFE will be better. And so will the world. Listen to the episode and you will understand WHY.


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More on the episode:

:22- Traveling to the East Coast for college visits. 

2:50- I’m declaring my Fitness MANIFESTO. California Almonds and I have teamed up to share my Manifesto to all trainers, coaches, and fit pros starting July 8th - Fueling Fitness a 4 part FREE webinar series. Get more information & Sign-up for free below...

4:37- Why the world needs gyms to open right now!  #1. MENTAL HEALTH.

8:43- #2. It’s all about the ENVIRONMENT.

13:07- #3. The Power of a TRIBE & COMMUNITY.

17:02- #4. Get STRONG, build IMMUNITY, and Get HEALTHY.

19:50- #5. America’s ECONOMY Thrives & Relies on Small Businesses.

22:58- #6. Gyms are LIGHTHOUSES…and we need more LIGHT in the Universe!

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