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Mar 6, 2023

When thinking about the “Hero Series” I asked myself, “Who do I want to be a hero to?”  Honestly, the answer is I want to be a hero to each and everyone of you podcast listeners. You see, I met this trainer in Chicago several years ago named Jordan Scott Reyes. At the time, he was going through some intense personal battles and challenges and fighting some demons. After the conference, he wrote me an email and shared his darkest moments and how the words spoken in my workshop helped save & change his life. Amen. 


Jordan started listening to the podcast (every single one of them) and started to journal every day to help keep his passions & purpose on point. He was able to get rid of the negativity in his life that was holding him back and today he is changing many lives. More importantly, he has rediscovered his joy, happiness, and fulfillment. Jordan Reyes is now a hero to many of his training clients and within his career at H4 Training. He epitomizes what IMPACT is all about!


Here are a few of the things Jordan and I discuss on today’s IMPACT SHOW:

- Why Jordan wrote and shared with me the email that bore his entire SOUL.

- How he shifted from a “victim mentality” to one that is grounded and rooted in GRATITUDE now.

- Roses & Thorns. How the ups & downs and “seasons of life” actually allow us to experience more of LIFE.

- Jordan shares his favorite IMPACT Podcast episodes of ALL-TIME and WHY.

- How journaling & a new “winning routine” shifted his mindset and changed his life.

- Why your “Words matter” and how you can drown out the negativity and pessimism and fill your mind up with “Winning Words.


Enjoy this episode! Jordan’s story is empowering, uplifting, and inspiring. I believe your SOUL will be touched in it and it will remind you to keep battling, fighting, and going. If you enjoy the episode, please don’t keep it a secret. This episode is not only for fitness fanatics and enthusiasts, it’s for ANYONE who wants and needs to get their MIND RIGHT! Please share at:


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About Jordan Scott Reyes:

Jordan Scott Reyes is a personal trainer that works in H4 Training in Wheaton, IL. He obtained his Exercise Science degree in 2016 in North Central College in Naperville, IL. His purpose in life is to change lives through health & fitness and positive energy and to “do work that is too good to be true.” Jordan has a deep passion for health & fitness and loves changing lives. His goal is to have his clients leave each session better than when they came in. He’s a man of IMPACT and he’s changing lives one by one.”


“A grateful heart protects you from negative thoughts and lifts you up in the darkest times.”

Jordan Scott Reyes



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